In my opinion that folks forget about that condoms shield you from more than just pregnancy.

In my opinion that folks forget about that condoms shield you from more than just pregnancy.

And there’s no day after medicine for HIV.


Ita€™s known as blog post exposure prophylaxis.

Should you decidea€™ve had unprotected sex and are scared of possibly being at possibilities for HIV, be sure to visit the emergency room and have about POST VISIBILITY PROPHYLAXIS.

Works best for to 48 – 72 many hours after subjection to HIV.

I would personallyna€™t want this but this is really really cool and Ia€™d choose to communicate it in cases where any individual may need it.

If you see this on your own dash REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. You can save your self a life

Therea€™s a anonymous lesbian hookup apps Food And Drug Administration authorized daily treatment known as Truvada, or even the PrEP treatment, definitely 92-99per cent great at avoiding the contraction of HIV.

Private insurance policies and Medicaid cover it. It’s also possible to have it at no cost in a lot of high-risk urban centers like Atlanta, NY, and San Fransisco.

Ita€™s the exact same beverage they provide to medical experts who have had corrupted needle sticks/blood splashes from possibly contaminated bloodstream. Efficient.

Please boost. It might seem youra€™ll will never need it, however you never know what might take place in your daily life

05.11.2017 – One Decreased Expenses

Thus as a consequence of my amazing POT Ia€™m conference this month, I dona€™t are obligated to pay cash any longer tinny gym! He payed down an over $400 charge that was gonna bring me bad credit. I think i love this whole glucose child thing.

Gender Workera€™s help guide to protecting your Identity

Lately, a fellow sugar infant called me personally for services because certainly her SDa€™s ended up being an envious stalker; getting every one of this lady personal tips as blackmail. This sparked us to create this condensed guide to prevent circumstances like that any or similar people from occurring again.

1) always utilize a phony title, one thata€™s perhaps not comparable to your own real name.

2) DONa€™T hold any forms of IDa€™s/cards/anything along with your term onto it if you see litigant, actually. Get an artificial license ID with another identity in order to still have an ID to demonstrate if you get carded for as soon as youa€™re with a sugar daddy. It is unlawful to carry certain says phony IDa€™s, so be cautious which you purchase and dona€™t bring it for an escorting customer.

3) NEVER park your car or truck where they may be able view it or in a location for which you wanted their isolated or crucial entry to leave the storage.

4) USE UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHS than the people make use of on your individual social networking. It requires one browse Google reverse picture research to blow open all your front.

5) posses a phony birthday celebration for your SW persona and remember the astrological sign referring with.

6) turn fully off ALL place treatments and programs, 15 minutes just before meeting. Ia€™ve been reading some babes being outted because of specific social media marketing apps now revealing a€?whoa€™s close to youa€? characteristics.

7) Dona€™t provide what college or providers your benefit. Always rest, and tweak it. The main point is to throw-off their own aroma so they have actually a lot of lightweight lays they cana€™t patch together.

8) whenever possible, make use of a nickname or an unclear identity alone personal social media marketing.

9) YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND/SELL Any variety of IMAGES otherwise CLIPS TOGETHER WITH YOUR FACE INSIDE. The actual only real facial types they must be in a position to access are those on the web that you could easily state had been stolen.

10) USE A WORK NUMBER. Your personal quantity are attached to a million and one issues.

11) funds is the closest friend.

Selection of information about yourself to fib: Birthdate class business you work for home town education you really have went to in the past term Year of graduation Any suggestions pertaining loved ones

SIGNIFICANT: Stalkers have an attraction for recalling exactly what appears like unimportant (but essential) facts to piece together your own identification after.