Salams App: The Head To Muslim Dating App for Relationships

Salams App: The Head To Muslim Dating App for Relationships

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Online dating sites with a bit of spin? Salams (earlier referred to as Minder) try an online relationship software for Muslims into fulfilling different Muslims with regards to relationship. Comparable to most dating apps online, the entire process of locating some body on Salams is easy. You swipe right if you’re thinking about people, and left or even. Your swipes stays private and certainly will only be shared upon are matched (aka if other person swipes close to you as well). We sat down together with the Salams personnel to talk together towards idea of the app, and the concept of dating into the muslim people.

1. As folk already know just, Salams is a rebrand for your iconic muslim internet dating app Minder. I want to go on it straight back around, exactly how did the theory come about?

Minder is made in 2015 making it more relaxing for Muslims to get hitched. If you are Muslim in a non-Muslim nation, it’s tough to have partnered in the event that you can’t select anyone through your immediate circle — Minder was created to hook Muslims exactly who may not have met normally.

Without a doubt, Minder is a play-off of Tinder and it rapidly turned into referred to as Muslim Tinder. But even at the very beginning the goal had been never for your app used like Tinder. Minder was a catchy label that many men and women fell in love with whenever they would listen they. They produced men chuckle and it served the reason for creating men keep in mind that it was an app for you yourself to get in touch with some other Muslims.

2. got indeed there any reasoning you’d always display behind the rebrand to Salams?

After many years of beng labeled as Minder, it absolutely was a household identity. Mothers, college students, plus non-Muslims understood about Minder. But as a company, we expected ourselves in the event the name “Minder” match all of our reason and mission that is to help link and acquire Muslims partnered in a halal means. Together with fact to that response is that Minder was not best term for this. We didn’t desire to be referred to as Muslim Tinder. We wanted people to esteem the software and employ it properly. Consequently, despite you are a household name all of our entire organization must make very tough decision on modifying the title. We had many studies to generate another name. We asked lots of people for their feedback. Then one day, we proposed title Salams. It actually was quick, simple and easy stunning. Salams – to dispersed comfort and a phrase used to start a discussion.

3. Going into matchmaking into the muslim industry, why do you believe an online dating app like Salams is needed inside the muslim community?

an app like Salams is required because Muslims now-a-days want to proactively seek out a spouse independently time which they feel is the most appropriate on their behalf. The conventional methods for engaged and getting married, like using a matchmaker, took electricity from solitary Muslims. Most of the time matchmakers would discover someone who is useful for your family or close in writing not great for the average person marriage. With Salams, users fall for anyone that best suits her requirements on their own plan without force from friends to settle for anyone.

Develop and pray that Allah allows this app’s characteristics to create halal and significant relationships within this existence in addition to hereafter.

4. so why do you imagine there’s stigma that comes with dating inside muslim neighborhood (especially online dating)? Just how is Salams implementing breaking this stigma?

We have been working with this stigma for years. There is got tens of thousands of people see involved and partnered using Salams. They’ll reach out to us and thank all of us although minute we request a testimonial they get shy. That is no blame in it, however, it is due to the stigma of encounter somebody on the web. This is something new your Muslim neighborhood. But with social networking getting this type of a robust device sufficient reason for applications becoming typical, we believe this stigma is actually slowly disappearing. Our very own goals at Salams is showcase the number of happier partners see hitched off the software therefore we can still split this stigma.

5. Which nations manage men and women mainly utilize Salams? Would it be generally east or american region?

There is a major international individual base but truly there is a heavy focus in America, Canada and also the great britain.

6. Any finally phrase you’d love to keep for muslim teens contemplating making use of dating programs but are reluctant?

Occasions are changing speedy and exactly how everything is finished were changing substantially. Salams is a new way to have married. We are not stating this is the best way to get married, but as a Muslim it is definitely a good option. Along with 2,000,000+ single Muslims around the world, it’s a terrific way to increase likelihood of getting married.

Just what an impressive objective and trip from Salams software employees. If you’re Muslim and looking for a longterm companion from the inside your belief, after that we surely endorse you to definitely see their own app. do not disregard to DM you your own experience, we’re looking forward to reading away from you how it moved.