Steps to make their application localisation successful in Korea

Steps to make their application localisation successful in Korea

Take a look at most useful training secrets and app localisation strategies to contact even more users in Korea

Southern area Korea has actually probably the most higher level cellular infrastructures on the planet. Users generally have 4G LTE service enabled on the phones, and 4G will come in around 70per cent of the nation. Totally free wi-fi is often available in the top metropolises as well, so musical and video clip online streaming gamble a large role in people’s everyday lives.

Korea are rated around the top when it comes to software sales, and ordinary amount of apps setup here annually is among the highest.

As an adult mobile marketplace, there’s no shortage of opportunities for application developers either – with role-playing (RPG) and strategy games are the most popular. With so a lot opposition about though, you’ll must find how to cut through the sounds and make certain your own app will get observed.

Converting your app into Korean is a must, specifically with regional designers dominating the market industry. It’s also worth searching for ways the application or advertising can tap into the rise in popularity of K-POP and Korean dramas.

Regarding consumer units, these are typically generally top-quality with adequate storage, particularly among the 20-40 age group. The Galaxy show is particularly well-known here, so start thinking about catering for both a 16:9 and 18.5:9 ratio.

Let’s look closer at 7 key factors that can assist your own app become successful in Korea.

1 Well-known video game and software classes


The most-installed video games is motion and RPG, with RPG and technique winning out in terms of income. Recently, a number of most profitable ex-PC RPG application games are introduced by regional designers, although worldwide designers have likewise gained significant development in multiple genres eg approach, motion, puzzles and sports.

Video games support

Gamers anticipate big customer service to assist address their questions or correct any dilemmas they have. Whether you choose to offering help via a phone call heart, society control (Twitter , Naver Cafe, an such like), you’ll absolutely should detail this in.

Video games LiveOps

Korean players count on regular updates – known as LiveOps – to maintain their video games fresh and interesting. Typically, normally biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. The information of LiveOps might incorporate running in-game events or adding various information for example another dynamics or occurrence. Whatever you decide and determine, it’s vital that you operated your LiveOps frequently, and promote them through current social channel.

Searching and fund are the top apps in Korea, combined with pre-installed yields programs. Dating applications in addition perform well, but this market are congested with neighborhood users, together with huge worldwide companies are in fact now moving her strategy to highlight social advancement rather than matchmaking. Health programs are also expanding quickly, albeit from a small base – with no neighborhood user, this could be an excellent chance of a worldwide creator. Lastly, foreign language education – specially English – is a significant market in Korea, and continues to grow.

2 Cost

When cost your software, make use of the Korean got (?) – maybe not the $, ? or even the KRW which will be unusual for Koreans (although still clear). We also advise making your rates see clean. As an example, prevent decimal information through the use of ?1120 instead of ?1120.00. Also, ?100 tends to be ?1,000, and $1 might be either ?1,000 or ?1,100.

Portable app registration design vs monthly installments

Consumer understanding and rely on of subscriptions is relatively lowest, and monthly obligations are the recommended fees choice. Numerous individuals are cautious with the ‘automatic cost’ characteristics of subscriptions, so be sure to inform you inside your registration display or conditions, that consumers can terminate any moment. Overall though, subscriptions take the rise in Korea, as a result it’s surely an approach to think about for your app.

3 Transliteration

The words and build included in the application must certanly be constant and feeling proper to each circumstances. Right utilization of honorific vocabulary can important in Korea.

Whenever right translating statement, know that their unique literal equal may indicate something else entirely totally. Like, see below where ‘Special upper body’ had been translated into ‘???(Special) ??(Breast)’. In Korea, upper body have several different definitions including ‘??(Breast)’ ‘??(Box)’, or ‘??(resource)’. Therefore, we would strongly recommend inquiring a localisation professional or native presenter to assist you.

4 Font, format, and user interface

Usually, one Korean fictional character uses the equivalent space of two English figures, but this could possibly differ. You’ll must implement the appropriate utilization of coding as well. Including, UTF-8, is necessary to display fonts correctly.

Some developers replace the period of each line by changing the font size, but this could possibly result in the words tricky to read through and/or interface seem unfinished. Always manage an aesthetic review your translations too. Dodum and Nanum fonts are recommended for common usage because they have the best readability. By using the completely wrong font can also end up in lacking or broken text.

5 Localisation and culturalisation

Societal trends in Korea changes fast, therefore it’s important you’re constantly up to date on how to means your target users. There are also countless different sounds and nuances to understand right here, so you’ll have to make sure you will get this appropriate. I encourage working together with a native audio speaker or a specialist in software localisation and culturalisation.

Social media marketing is extremely preferred in Korea, so think about offer customers social login options to create your own provider. The 4 hottest login alternatives in Korea were: Kakao, NAVER, yahoo, and myspace. Avoid offering platforms that Korean consumers won’t know about, such WeChat or WhatsApp.

Sample: These software prioritise the most famous login options for Korean people: Kakao, NAVER, yahoo, and Twitter.

Be cautious around some subjects, including disputed lands and politically painful and sensitive histories – which will become most useful avoided.

6 Cellular phone software user exchange plan

Google Gamble: With Bing Gamble, it is possible to receive consumers to pre-register and earn very early use of their application. The consumer interface in Korea’s Google Play shop can also be somewhat different, and it has a lot more slots for ads where you are able to promote your software. By generating in your area pertinent savings, you’ll supply the chance to are available in the ‘Deals & Promo’ area.

On line: Korea is actually a highly advanced marketplace for internet marketing. YouTube is very large right here, and Twitter, Instagram and local programs musical organization and KakaoStory will also be well-known among Koreans.

Offline: Print marketing in Korea keeps mostly observed the downhill global development – but television continues to be stronger. You might also contemplate operating directed live happenings in almost any elements of Seoul, so there are many traditional expert firms who is able to assist you with this.