Backyard Cleanup And Junk Removal In New Jersey

Cleanup your backyard and increase the value of your home and quality of life.  Our backyard cleanup and junk removal services include large trucks to save you money and time, a larger truck is simply cheaper to hire.  Our larger crews  expertise and tools are sure to remove all the junk and cleanup your backyard in a most efficient way, fast response and quick cleanup anywhere in the New Jersey area.  If you don’t see a junk removal or demolition service below just now and we will be happy to discuss your need as we dismantle, remove and haul away any junk and unwanted items.

  Wood Or PVC Deck Removal

If your wood  deck is old & rotted  or your PVC deck has seen better days and you wish to dismantle, remove and haul it away, we can help.  Our deck removal service successfully dismantled, removed and hauled away many rotten wood & pvc decks from backyards, patios and homes in New Jersey.  We are insured to provide you a professional service.

  Playground Removal

Removal of old and rusted playground and swing-set will prevent injuries and potential physical damage to your family.  Our junk removal service provide an affordable, reliable and friendly backyard junk removal and cleanup service so your children and family will enjoy a safe and clean backyard.  You can trust that all unwanted junk and materials will be removed from your backyard and hauled away to a registered landfill or dumpsite.

 Old Fence Removal and Hallaway

      Why should you remove an old fence? The answer is simple, liability and safety.  When a fence, wood or chain link, ages and weakens it could fall on someone or something.  Homeowners often are dragged into litigation and court arguments due to their fallen fence causing damage to others.  THE CLEANOUT CREW Fence removal Service provides a complete old fence removal service which includes the undoing of fence sections, wire mesh or chain links, fence posts,  and hauling away.

 Above Ground Pool and Jacuzzi Spa Removal

With Our quick above ground or jacuzzi removal service includes draining, taking the jacuzzi spa or above ground pool apart and hauling it away.  We leave your backyard or patio debris free and clean for future use.