Board Up And Tarp Over Services

The Cleanout Crew, offers emergency Board Up and Tarp services for a variety of situations. Whether the windows, doors or roof in your home or businesshave been damaged by storm, fire, accident, or due to an act of vandalism, you needa quick solution to secure your home from further damage and protection from theelements. Our board up services can provide this short-term protection. In the caseof a fire, storm, or any other reason, your roof may have been damaged. Tarp-over services helps to waterproof and protect your roof and your possessions until morepermanent repairs can be made.

Loss of Insurance Coverage

Many insurance providers require board up and tarp services when a disaster strikes. You are obligated to attempt to limit any further damage to your home. By using our 24/7 board up and tarp-over services you areable to demonstrate that you have taken fast and appropriate action.

Board Up Services

Events such as natural disasters, high-speed winds, and vandalism do occur. Whatever the reason may be, if yourwindows are damaged you will need the damaged windows be boarded up to prevent further damage or unlawful entry. Our board up services will secure and limit access through broken or damaged windows.

Tarp-Over Services

When the roof of your home is damaged, you can protect your home from additional damage by having your roof tarped. Tarping will prevent the entry of water through any roof breaks. Roof damage issues are dangerous and require thorough inspection and evaluation. In emergency situations, making use of our tarp-over service can prevent the further damage to your home.

When Board Up or Tarp-Over Services

Severe Weather

In case of severe windstorms, hurricanes, or tornados your home’s exterior can be damaged severely. Windows can be broken due to flying objects. Hurricanes and high wind speeds can rip the shingles from the roof and tear away the siding. The faster you make use of board up and tarp-over services, the faster you can protect your home and assets, and prevent additional damage. Most of the time Mother Nature gives us little warning. In the case of a hurricane approaching your area, we can be contacted in advance, at 973-787-8417  24/7, to assist you in preparing for the worst with our board up services. The Cleanout Crew will do our best to help our local communities prepare for the worst.


When a house fire occurs, heat and fire fighting actions can damage the windows and create holes in the roof. Once the fire has beenextinguished, having the roof tarped and windows boarded up can help to prevent additional loss of property and further damage to your home.


If there is a flood your home may be damaged be the floodwaters. Many types of natural disasters like broken levies and dams or swollen rivers and creeks can cause a flood.Waters from these disasters can bust down doors and windows in turn requiring emergency board up services.


Accidents are quite common occurrences in the home. From a ball crashing into and damaging your window, or a tree branch crashing through your roof, to major occurrences to your home, you can benefit from The Cleanout Crew services. We can provide a temporary solution until you are able to arrange for the repair of any damage.


Vandals and burglars can be a serious cause of damage to your home especially after storm damage or fire occurs. Any unlawful entry can lead to further loss or damage. Our board up services will ensure that all entry points to your home are secured.

Board up and Tarp-Over Process

For any board up or Board up & tarp Services at you may require at your home or your business, you should contact The Cleanout Crew. Our professionals from the board up and tarp-over are trained experts who will make sure that anypieces of glass or other broken items are collected and held for your insurance company’s review. They can also provide temporary repairs until you are ready to proceed.

Using our board up and tarp-over services will keep the exterior of your home and the window frames from being damaged further. They will also prevent weather- relatedevents from further damaging your home and provide temporary security for your home or business.

Preventative Board up and Tarp over Services. (Call Us Before The Storm)

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, then it is a good idea to consider preventative board up and tarp over services before the storm actually strikes. In order to reduce any damage to your home’s windows, doors, roof,or garage doors due to severe winds, FEMA recommends the following preventative measures:

  • Installing permanent storm shutters or resistant glazing.
  • Laminate any glass with film to prevent the shattering.
  • Board up windows using 5/8” plywood.
  • Reinforce garage doors by installing storm-resistant doors.
  • Installing metal straps and brackets to strengthen the roof and wall connections.
  • Bolt the entire structure to the foundation by making use of anchor bolts.

You can call The Cleanout Crew for any emergency situation. We are always available 24/7. From assessing the initial damage to board up and tarp-over services, including advanced planning, we can do it all. Our emergency teams provide top-quality workmanship. For any board up or tarp-over needs, you can call us at 973-787-8417 or email us at for a free consultation and estimate!

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